"If you haven't noticed already, I believe in living life in colour; and it was through this concept that L'adorabelle was founded."

The challenge - to create the worlds most coveted cots. Something that is as unique as your child's personality. Something that was impeccably designed, that could sit centre stage, not just a cot, an art piece. 

Chaz has over a decade of experience in design, starting with her honours degree in Art Direction. A multiple design award winner, she chose to move away from the corporate environment and went on to get her Interior Design qualification. Her passion for colour and imaginative design led her to specialise in children's interiors.


"I love designing children's spaces because I find its the one room in the house where people are willing to take the most risks"


It was while she was designing children's rooms that she discovered the need for contemporary children's furniture.

"I felt like something was missing in the children's furniture space. I wanted to create something that was magical to the child's imagination yet pleasing to the adult eye. I wanted to show that colour can be executed sophistically"

So if you could describe your child in colours which ones would you choose? 

Chaz Reid - Founder