MY COTTON CANDY - Ombre Collection

MY COTTON CANDY - Ombre Collection


Float away to the land of Cotton Candy in our most popular girls cot - dream of pink, taste the flavours of watermelon and smell the scent of roses while the Cotton Candy Cot takes centre stage in your new nursery. 


The L'adorabelle Ombre Collection features 14 poles that taper in size; starting from the centre pole which is 30mm thick working its tapering outwards, finising off the ends with a sleek set of 16mm dowels. The colours follow suit by using a Ombre colour effect whereby the colours are graduated from dark to light to match the size its partner pole. 


Each cot is also able to be custom coloured to suit the design of your nursery. Simply use the L'adorabelle colour library and we'll apply the ombre palette to your customized cot. Converts to toddler bed


    • Easy assembly - allen key required
    • Converts to toddler bed
    • Made in New Zealand with the finest macrocarpa wood
    • 100% visibility - open on all four sides
    • Conforms to the highest safety standards
    • Non-toxic
    • Fits NZ Standard size mattress 1300mm L x 760mm W x 130mm
    • Pair with the Growbright Airnest mattress



    Use the L'adorabelle colour library and we will apply the ombre effect for you. You can also contact us to chat about a colour solution to fit perfectly in to your nursery if you wish to.